Im lightweight buzzin' off of 10 Asahi beers and ? 's knows how many sakes....today I celebrated my mother's birthday! As we sat down to eat at Midoris in Sunnyvale, I told my mom "take as many shots as you want, until you throw up! Don't worry I'll take care of you!" I wanted my mom to have a grandtastical time. Indeed she did. But I guess at her age of, a beautiful 56, she knew when to stop. I'm glad my mom had a somewhat good birthday. In the next couple years, my bday gift to her is take to take her on a trip somewhere. My mother deserves so much more than flowers, a card, and a dinner where her own friends wont even front the bill. SMH!

I love my mother forever and ever! I know any daughter aspires to be jus like their mother and any son will say they'd take a bullet for their mom anyday. OR no other woman can compete with their mother! Truly and honestly...mother's day, their birthday or any other holiday is not even enough to show your mother that you care. Dont hestitate to tell your mother that you are thankful or that you love her, even if its for the most simple things in life.

My mother moved here from the PI on her own and has provided the best life she can for herself. Became a nurse, had 2 wonderful children with a kinda deadbeat father. My mom has been through the ring of fire and all. Dont get me wrong she does complain about how hard life is....but she is still working harder than ever to provide for herself! I respect her so much for that. I could go on and on about how much i appreciate my mother....but i dont know if its the alcohol talking or....i dont know. I guess my point is...your mother would do anything to give you the best life ever! The best thing in return is to let her know that you appreciate all that's she's done for you.

Love your mother and life will be good!

As a mother myself, nothing is more fulfilling than hearing your child say "I LOVE YOU!" when you least expect it!

These are from past birthdays...new photos to come soon....



I am not quite sure what has come over me and what is in me but I think it is a good thing (well and a bad thing too). I realized it in Vegas when I was the only one that didn’t yack or have major hangovers where I had to stay in the room the next day recovering as if they were the ones getting whooped by PacMan. My tolerance for alcohol is surprising me. Not sure if it’s a myth but even mixing darks and lights doesn’t even make me upchuck. On my birthday, I was jinxing myself saying “alright, tonight’s the night, you better hold my hair.” I had a grandtastical time double fistin’, accepting drinks from whoever offered me a birthday drink, and wom bam pow! I DID NOT THROW UP! Nor did I wake up the next morning with a hangover, maybe a slight one, but after I showered and had my normal hangover remedy of flank steak and beef ball pho I was back to the right state of mind. I don’t want to test my limits too much because I know that feeling of yackin’ and waking up the next day telling yourself “I’m never doing that again. That’s the last time I do that for a long time!” On top of that you lose a whole day whining about a bangin’ headache, a face full of pimples that wasn’t there the night before, and feeling unpretty, oh and an empty wallet. Trust me tho, I’m not perfect. I’ve had my days of releasing all that nastiness through mouth and butt at the same time. Oh Lord, help me! LOL. Times where I would fall asleep in my car with my hair all out of whack and a missing earring. Times where my friends would have to carry me into my house and in my bed while they laugh and cater to my unruly dryheaving. I wonder if it’s all a mental thing too, like I know I hate yackin’ so I will avoid it as much as I can. I don’t like the act of inducing a suka session by sticking my finger down my throat, yah I rather not. My guy best friend tho is my yackin’ mentor. He will be my coach and make gaggin’ noises to make me yack all while holding my hair and laughing. Love him for that.

Watch, this blog is a JINX! Greeeeeeeeatttttttt! Get the garbage and hair tie ready… it better be from a fuckin’ good ass night from drunk debauchery. And I know it's fun and amusing but please refrain from any photo evidence please! BOTTOMS UP!

On being 24...and looking back

So I’ve been 24 years old for about a couple weeks now. Doesn’t feel any different than 23, ok maybe 4 lbs. different considering all the daym Thanksgiving food I consumed in a 5 day span. Not a good look. I think we still have leftover turkey in our fridge (yah, kinda gross). There is about 4 weeks until we hit another gahdamn new year. 2010 – what will you bring me?! I remember when 2009 hit, I was so hyped, talking about “THIS IS MY YEAR!” But really, now that I look back on 2009, there isn’t anything that I could say I accomplished. That is going to change for 2010. Before I hit 25, I want to be able to say that I am proud of myself for accomplishing ____________ (fill in the blank).

In June, I considered going back to school to get my bachelor’s degree and in October I was suppose to start. Did I? No I didn’t. I’m not mad or I don’t regret it, but I sure as hell wish that I kept my word. My word was: WHEN JEREMIAH STARTS KINDERGARTEN, I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. Jeremiah has been in school for 3 months now and me none. He wins! I think that going back to school is one of my biggest goals for 2010. One of the drawbacks is the fact that I have credits I can transfer but that is not helping depreciate the dollar amount it would cost me for that degree. DILEMMA! And then I think about: will the job I get after I graduate get me out of debt? Will I actually be making MORE money instead of having to worry about living check to check. Someone light a fire under my ass, cuz the longer I wait to go back to school, the more money it will cost.

I am now holding bad credit for the next 2-5 years because I purchased a home with my mother at the end of 2007, just right before the housing market took it’s big fall. Big FAIL for us, had we waited 3 months longer, we wouldn’t have to be in the position we are now. So I am seriously going to work on saving money, making more money, and being more independent. Cuz after my credit is back I want to be able to get my own place. I love my momma, but I feel like I can’t grow up living with her. I need to!

As far as the relationship category of my life – MAJOR FAIL! In every relationship. BOYS: ugh let’s not go there because I digress and I will probably get emo. Save that for another post. MOTHER: we have our fallouts. Sometimes I just wish I can put my foot down and tell her how it is, but really that’s not my place and I definitely don’t want an ass whoopin’ at 24. LOL. FATHER: Who? We live in the same city and I don’t even see him nor talk to him. Sad I know. FRIENDS: Major fallouts with friends. This year has been a mixed chaos of drama. Thank goodness none of it was with me, I’m still cool with everyone but we can’t really hang out as a crew anymore. FRIENDS, how many of us have them? BEST FRIEND: wow, I think this year was like the most distant we’ve ever been. We are on different wavelengths right now, but at the end of that bumpy wave we always seem to meet again. I want that ol’ thang back.

Special events of 2009:
JANUARY : Buff’s major rage bday weekend
FEBRUARY : Dirty’s Anti-Valentine’s party
MARCH : ughhhhhh idk
APRIL : Los Angeles to visit Alyssa
MAY : Camp Lo with my P.I.C.s
JUNE: started the process of enrolling into going back to school – FAIL!
JULY : Disneyland in July for Jeremiah’s 5th birthday & N.E.R.D concert for like the 20th time
AUGUST : Rock the Bells with my P.I.C.s
SEPTEMBER : Jeremiah started kindergarten
OCTOBER : Halloween, finally attempted to make my own costume & realized it’s Jeremiah’s fave holiday
NOVEMBER : Las Vegas for Pacquiao fight and early bday celebration & my 24th bday. Yayyyy SCOPRIOS!
DECEMBER : the holidays, can’t say much more

Good riddance to an alright year and cheers to an even better one! 2010 I’m owning you, it is time for change.