Life in LA - Arrival

I've accumulated enough flights to get a free flight and free drink coupons. So basically I only paid $5 for security fees for a trip to LA. NICE!! I was generous enough to share my coupons with the BF, so we got our drankitty-drank on a 45 min flight for the first time.

and for your viewing pleasure...a snippet of being faded on the plane

Arrived at LAX and didn't have to wait long to reunite with our BF, Lyss. Yayyy! We were
hun-gary...so Lyss attempted to take us to a popular Korean spot, unfortunately the restaurant needs one full day off and coincidentally it had to be Thursday. ToFu YA, I will try you soon. But we ended up checking out this boutique type store called Black Market right next to it. MJ noticed a familiar face...it ended up being Fresh Chuck Daily (he produced some beats for UC group BMB). Pretty cool!
We ended up at Wharo's Restaurant for our second take on Korean food, btw - my first time ever trying Korean food...so I was super excited. Our server even gave me extra side dishes for myself. Too bad I wasn't too impressed with my first Korean food experience. But the kimchee soup is my new fave, yum! ToFu Ya probably would've satisfied my excitement :(

Then we headed back to Lyss' place and had ourselves a photo session. Called it a night by 12am because we knew the next few days were going to be intense!


LA Withdrawls

I am still on vacation mode. I've been feeling so out of funk since I got back. Waking up the past few days has been tough and needing a coffee every morning to prevent me from dozing off in front my computer at work is rare for me. Haven't had time to catch up with my own life is stressful in itself. Can't find time to blog thus I'm doing it now while I still try to maintain my daily workout routine during my lunch break. There truly is not enough time in a day to accomplish a TO DO LIST. Still haven't unpacked or uploaded LA photos. The lack of sleep from my 5 day hiatus is kicking me in the butt! It's always hard to get back to reality after a well deserved trip. What's next to look forward to?? Possible trip to Vegas next month?

Stay tuned for a recap of "LIFE IN LA" posts.

Back to my workout!

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Why Oh WHY?!

"No, baby, why would you do that?" That's the exact words I would say to him when I see him tonight. hahaha.
Shits serious. He's outgrown the tats and opted for laser removal. Let's hope he's setting up a blank canvas for something newer?


"bye bye lovely art!"as long as he doesn't get rid of the one on his neck, then we're good. "baby you could have whatever you like" just don't touch that one on yo neck.

or let me get my tat on my neck and we can call it a truce...I just need inspiration and looking at his makes me want to get mine even more. of what...that I don't know yet. hahaha. Maybe an ice cream to show my love for Pharrell...

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love P.W. even though he's taken by me (lemme just get a hold of a scanner and show you bitches, he's my BabyDaddy)


Work has actually been consuming my days this week thus the lack of at least one post a day. Sometimes I don't even get to check my Myspace or Facebook until after lunch. Which I feel is a good thing, I hate social networking sites...you log on just to check if you have any updates/comments and next thing you know 1/2 an hour passes by. WTF? Tell me you feel me on that. Again, I digress, sorry.

I am so excited for my 5 day LA trip. Longest LA visit I've taken since I was little. Last night I started packing and started getting stressed out. I think the worst part about vacations is packing. I always tell myself "ok, don't overpack, because you'll need room in your luggage to bring back all your shopping finds." But nope, I always end up packing last minute resulting in an overpacked f*in luggage. hahaha.

Let's see if I've accomplished anything from my TO DO LIST BEFORE I HIT UP LA (from my previous post)...

things to do before I leave

? shop for sexy outfits update: went shopping saturday and didn't really find anything. but then I went to Target the other day and found a skirt for $7 that I may wear. What a steal!

_ think of shopping spots

_ try to find out where celebrities will be that weekend hahah yah right...whatever, if we see em', we see em'

_ find info on any sample sales just gonna shop wherever

X buy a swim suit update: found one on clearance at Target...even though I already have one, I just love the gold studs and plus it was only $3.74 per piece. So I went in on it.

_ work on preppin' for OPERATION SEXY MAMA hmmmmmmmmm....

X download more music update: got new musica. chester french, check. rick ross, check. and some other recommendations...also my girl MayMay sent me 2 mixed CDs. So I'm set.

_ replenish photos on my camera for new ones ekk...gotta do that tonight

_ color my hair again, maybe? no time

_ manicure/pedicure, threading, personal grooming, etc update: done. check the Nails Did, per moi. Yup, I'll hook you up too

X buy at least one pair of FUCK me shoes update: these aren't really Fuck me shoes, but they are fuckin' comfortable and that beats hurt ass feet by 3am

_ make sure I have enough money to spend hmmmm....that's always an issue. With one credit card with the credit of less than $200 available and my checking account...I'll be able to manage. I'll just come back BROKE! PayDay Friday

X lose 3 more lbs. (hahhaha, like it'll make a difference) update: I actually did! And wasn't really trying too hard. For a week and a half I've made salads to eat for lunch.

_ figure out transportation to the airport WHO WANTS TO BE MY PERSONAL CAB DRIVER TOMORROW? Fuck, still gotta figure this one out too.

_ etc, etc, etc..................................................

I'll update in LA if possible via my phone, but I know I'll be basking in the LA life to even want to think about it.

"Life in LA is soooo insane, everyday feelsss the same....spend all my cash, I'm down to change..." - Chester French GET FAMILIAR bitch! hahaha


Chasing Boys

The Buff and I were on a high speed chase with these 3 motorcycles on Milpitas side streets. Shit was pretty fun! We were trying to figure out if they were cute by looking at their shoes, what...we can't see their faces under those helmets, so shoes is the next thing to look at. haha. Seriously felt like we were 16 again trying to holla at some boys. We were just having fun and knew we weren't going to ever see them again. So when we hit the stoplight we yelled out the window like boppers do and said..."HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" and they waved back. Daym, we shoulda hoped on the back of their bikes!

UPDATE* FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. We are screaming like boppers!

"Let me see yo face babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

and I tried Pinkberry for the first time today...pretty good.

I picked strawberries and let Jeremiah pick the 2nd topping, cocoa pebbles. Interesting combo.


L - to the dot - to the - A - to the second muthafuckin' dot

I can't wait for my 5 day hiatus to LA LA Land to visit LA LA Lyss.

things to do before I leave
_ shop for sexy outfits
_ think of shopping spots
_ try to find out where celebrities will be that weekend
_ find info on any sample sales
_ buy a swim suit
_ work on preppin' for OPERATION SEXY MAMA
_ download more music
_ replenish photos on my camera for new ones
_ color my hair again, maybe?
_ manicure/pedicure, threading, personal grooming, etc
_ buy at least one pair of FUCK me shoes
_ make sure I have enough money to spend
_ lose 3 more lbs. (hahhaha, like it'll make a difference)
_ figure out transportation to the airport
_ etc, etc, etc..................................................

There is more to think about then I realized. I'm fucked...

If anyone knows of anything or any spots to hit up let me know

Kanye's New LV Sneaker Ads



Tourist Day in San Francisco

Instead of having a traditional Easter Sunday, I had a tour of some of San Francisco's famous attractions. My auntie is here from the P.I. and when we have visitors from the P.I. that's the only chance I get to embrace the beauty of San Francisco. I don't ever get tired of it either! It is so beautiful and sometimes we don't think about what makes San Francisco what it is. It was also Jeremiah's first time seeing everything so that was even more reason to embrace our Tour de San Francisco.




it was my first time actually walking up and down the crookedest st.


This is the only picture I got. haha. I've been to Pier 39 plenty of times and my camera was running out of battery. Clam chowder in a bread bowl is a must whenever I hit the Pier and this time I finished it off with a strawberry crepe at The Crepe Cafe.

We were gonna make Treasure Island our last stop, but we were tired from our 5 hour day!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love San Francisco


Fuck My Life:San Mateo Bridge

I'm pretty irritated right now. I've complained about it on my Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and now I'm blogging about it via my phone. Thougt they took care of this shit last night. Thanks now I'll be an hour late to work which also means I will then get off work an hour later

Jaques Jams Mixtape - Get Familiar
IF U DONT KNOW U MUST BE SLEEPIN ON IT. Its been on repeat on my ipod for 2 days now. Shits what's keepin me sane right now.

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"You're all I needddddd..."


Jeremiah means...

So, I feel suupppppppppperr stupid, I was on the phone with an admissions lady regarding school (yes, I am considering going back to school, that's a topic for another post) anyways, she asked if I was INDEPENDENT or dependent. I said INDEPENDANT (woman indeed :D). Then she proceeded to ask...."so you are not married or have any children?" I said "Yes, I do have a child" She asked his name and I proudly said JEREMIAH! She commented on what a beautiful name that was and she asked me "do you know what it means?"

Gahhhhh!!! I said "Noo, I forgot." DAaYMMmm, I don't even know what my son's name means, let alone my own name. For all I know JEREMIAH is a biblical name. So I looked it up and his name means 'to uplift, to lift up' Thus is the very reason I feel my life has that much more meaning. Jeremiah brightens my day, makes my day, he's my world! He is exactly as his name says...he is uplifiting! If you haven't met him, then you are missing out. He is a bright boy and I am very proud of him. He is such a character and will definitely school you in Thomas & Friends, Transformers, and Star Wars. Booooo-yah!

Shit, I don't even know what my name means...all I can remember is that it is the feminine form for Michael. Time to look that up....

Cheap Thrill

*Bite ME*
Found this the other day and could not believe it. TWILIGHT CANDY? I'm going back to get more! To save and to actually eat. OOooOOooOooohhhhh EDWARD!



So my question got answered from my previous post...by Life 2.0 with OHW

I just need to add some commentary to my question cuz after reading OHW's response and reading my question over again, I thought the way I posed my question was kinda silly. Commentary in blue

Dear OHW2007,
What do guys really think of dating a female with a child?
So I’ve been single for almost 2 damn years and feel like I give off this “motherly” aura and that’s why I haven’t met anyone. Ok, so within those 2 years I’ve probably got to know….eh…. 1 ½ guys (haha, OWH questions my 1 1/2 guys - so basically I've gotten to know one guy late last year but that fell off and the other 1/2 is for someone I met recently, but it's still fresh, so yah). But that didn’t all kick into gear until over a year of being single. Maybe it’s some subconscious thing I’ve got going on and it’s actually being reflected on the outside as well I just feel like a woman with a child is definitely a top reason why guys stray away…they don’t want to deal with any baby daddy drama. It’s all good, I’m handling mines and that’s all that matters, but at times a woman’s gotta feel loved in more ways than one. I’m still young and wanna have fun too. What’s the deal….

Life 2.0 with OHW response

The Professional:I think you’re very perceptive in questioning the possibility that it is a subconscious issue. Sometimes our fears or our presumed beliefs express themselves in our actions. You might want to ask yourself if you are truly putting yourself out there (Am I? How do I? ). Remember, a relationship can only start with a conversation. If you’re not talking to guys, well, regardless of baby daddy drama, the odds of getting close to someone is highly unlikely. Stop worrying about the “top reason” for a guy not to be interested in you and start focusing on all the love you and your child deserve (I know that's right!). I suggest you spend the next month reviewing your wardrobe (I have a good wardrobe for now, give me some money and you know I will be "turnin' you on") and gear up for your next mission in life: Operation Sexy Mama. (I will definitely be steppin' up my game, SURELY BUT SLOWLY, so don't be surprised if I'm showcasing a new look when I'm out)

The Jerk: Unless your baby daddy has a shotgun and reminds every male around you about his aim on the daily (BD is military status - FYI - haha), I don’t think you should be worried about baby daddy drama. Oh, and what’s up with only getting to know 1.5 guys? Was one of the guys really short or were you talking to Siamese twins, I’m really confused. Anyway, let’s move on. You need to hit up the meat market, you know, the sausage party and start getting your groove on, kinda like Stella (I’ve never actually seen the movie but sounded like a good way to end the sentence) (NOTE TO SELF: gotta watch 'HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK'). I’m not saying date men in volumes, I’m just trying to say you have to start talking to the opposite sex more than just a Siamese twin and his brother. You might want to improve your odds by trying the whole on-line dating thing (one of my friends actually set one up for me, but I've probably checked it twice since then). I’ve seen the ads and they look legit, plus you can narrow your search criteria without having to ask every guy you meet to fill out a parenting questionnaire. Good luck, have fun and don’t get arrested.

Well said. Thank you OHW. I will work on: OPERATION SEXY MAMA, as if I don't already have that swag in my step. hahhahaha

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Go Go Gadget - Keyboard Pillow

Work would be that much better with one of these babies...

This has to be the ultimate keyboard, combining a keyboard with a pillow, allowing you to work at your desk, and take the occassional nap.
With the Pillow Keyboard you would never have to leave your desk again, the next time you want to take a nap just rest your head on this fun keyboard.

It looks like the Pillow Keyboard is just a prototype at the moment, so you cant but one just yet.

VIA: gadgettastic.com

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...think this is f-in fantastic?

New Fave of the Moment #2

  • Taste similar to Cheetos
  • Addicting
  • Cheap
  • gives you the feeling that you are eating healthy :)

Courtesy of TraderJoe's


WTH? Christian Louboutin sneakers

Famous shoe creator of all things sexy is venturing into sneakers? Uhhhhhhh Whattttttt?
Where's the sexy red soles on them sneakers?

New Fave of the Moment #1

It's like gushers and haribo gummy bears making babies!


Horizon, SF

Formerly Sake Lounge? IDK, I'm not much of a North Beach/Broadway nightlife type of person. I hit up Horizon on Saturday with my Buff. I've always wanted to check it out because it looked so boojie on the outside, like an LA club, maybe. And it always looks crackin'. Fuck paying $20 to get in tho. We decided to stay even though there were 3 other parties we could’ve went to. Had to meet up with a couple people and found no other reason for ever coming back to this club, so….we sucked it up and fronted the dub.

It is a nice club with a black marble wrap around bar top. Bathrooms were cleaner than a lot of other clubs I’ve been to. For you cancer sucking folks…just warning you the smoking section is as big as a bathroom stall, WTF!? Hahaha. Not cool. And then you have a bouncer hounding the non-smokers to leave and make room for other people, again WTF!? To make it even worse…I felt like I was at an 18 and up club cuz all of a sudden music stops and emcee announces a fuckin’ “THONG CONTEST!” Wow really? There were strippers from Centerfolds there in their hot pink frilly ass lingerie and clown make-up with their furry ass matching boots. YUCK! Music was cool…playlist was more like TOP 40, from Lady GaGa to Ice Cream Paint Job (is that what that songs called?)

So we’re dancing and BOM BAM POW….a fight breaks loose right next to us. KILLJOY! So that basically tops off a pretty bad experience there besides the fact I danced the night away with…………………

Parking on Broadway is a biznatch…but we always manage to find our spot in the same area off of Jackson and Grant. Then you gotta walk a ways to get on Broadway…but it beats paying $15-$20. And I read on Yelp that people crave their Oily Parmesean Fries...so gotta check out their menu next time. Oh yah, it was so daym crowded in there it was like being in a daym mosh pit. Next time I decide to come out here, better be for a goooooooooodddddd reason!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T…have a bad first experience at a club?

Over It but....

so tempted to tune in tonight for the premiere of the last season of The Hills.
Reality TV sucks you in and you don't even know it. It's like you are robotically operated to tune in at the right time everyday. But then again The Hills really isn't reality tv. I just want to know what happens with LC and Barbie Doll - Heidi's friendship.

WTF, is robotically even a daym word...? My vocabulary is bad!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...watch a reality show religiously?


I Want Her Closet

Ms. Ri-Ri's ensembles are FAB-u-lous. If I had the money to dress up everyday, this is definitely a celebrity I'd like to dress like. Daym, I'm so enivoussssssssss. *DROOL*

this is my fave!

I would love to live under her fashion umbrella-ella-ellla-ey-ey

VIA: thelifefiles/ultimaterhianna