LA Withdrawls

I am still on vacation mode. I've been feeling so out of funk since I got back. Waking up the past few days has been tough and needing a coffee every morning to prevent me from dozing off in front my computer at work is rare for me. Haven't had time to catch up with my own life is stressful in itself. Can't find time to blog thus I'm doing it now while I still try to maintain my daily workout routine during my lunch break. There truly is not enough time in a day to accomplish a TO DO LIST. Still haven't unpacked or uploaded LA photos. The lack of sleep from my 5 day hiatus is kicking me in the butt! It's always hard to get back to reality after a well deserved trip. What's next to look forward to?? Possible trip to Vegas next month?

Stay tuned for a recap of "LIFE IN LA" posts.

Back to my workout!

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