Why Oh WHY?!

"No, baby, why would you do that?" That's the exact words I would say to him when I see him tonight. hahaha.
Shits serious. He's outgrown the tats and opted for laser removal. Let's hope he's setting up a blank canvas for something newer?


"bye bye lovely art!"as long as he doesn't get rid of the one on his neck, then we're good. "baby you could have whatever you like" just don't touch that one on yo neck.

or let me get my tat on my neck and we can call it a truce...I just need inspiration and looking at his makes me want to get mine even more. of what...that I don't know yet. hahaha. Maybe an ice cream to show my love for Pharrell...

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love P.W. even though he's taken by me (lemme just get a hold of a scanner and show you bitches, he's my BabyDaddy)

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  1. hey girl i found the link for ur blog on ur page hehehe.. anyways, i can't believe hes removing them i love pharrell they made him extra sexy haha.