RIP Michael Jackson

"this all bad, real bad, Michael Jackson"
King of Pop has passed but his legend still lives on! He has built a musical platform that has put inspiration into every artist/dancer/singer/songwriter, etc... It is hard to believe! My heart and condolensces go out to the Jackson Family through this tough time and to those hard core fans!
Let MJ Rest in Paradise


Killin' Time

As I sit here bored out of my mind trying to look occupied, I realized I have neglected to post blogs for awhile. Well, reason is I don’t really have anything blog worthy to post up. I instead just re-blog other peoples stuff. Hahaha. Call me a blog plagiarist (however, I give credit where credit is due) or call it lightweight marketing to help your post reach to my readers. It just sucks that the only time I find time to blog is while I’m at work, but since the crackdown on internet use, it’s been harder to do.

Anyways, in regards to yesterday’s holiday of Father’s Day a.k.a. Happy 2nd Mother’s Day I didn’t do much but spend it alone and later on with my Buff. I haven’t spoken to my father for almost a year and it is a pretty sad situation. We live in the same daym city and he still can’t man the fuck up and reach out to his own children. Unfortunately, my bro and I got into some financial issues with our father a couple years ago and it got so worse that it was taken to court. KIDS vs. FATHER! So since then my relationship with my dad has been a bust. Quiet frankly, it hasn’t fathom me much. Are there even any real men out there taking responsibility of their offspring? If there are, hold onto them and don’t let em go. Times are tough. I’m not putting anyone down…but it is truly unfortunate for kids to grow up without knowing who their father is. I can’t imagine how the +8 feels about Jon & Kate….not a good look.

Moving on…hopefully my blogging picks up. Work has been really slow…so there is a chance.

New Moon : New Cover

Not sure if I like it? I guess I'm just so use to the simple black cover with one symbolic image on it. It passes. New Moon is all about Team Jake and K.Stew anyways. On that note: are they changing the covers of all the other books too? Or did they already and I just don't know about it?


Name Change

changing the name of my blog. Because Who Doesn't didn't last. couldn't stick with it. when I first created this blog I thought about how I can make all my post cohesive, so I was gonna end each post with a BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T comment. it could still work, but not in all cases. so I'm just gonna be boring and generic. new name for now...will just be My Manifesto. a combination of everything i feel like blogging about. no purpose, no certain theme or topic to focus on, it's just whatever appeals to me.

love it or hate it. i blog as an outlet to share my interest with whoever cares....THANKS!

23 yr.old MOTHER vs. 23 yr. old

My life versus yours. No complaints, I love being a mother, but I also miss having my freedom of living my young adult life.

MAMA = me
Twenty-FREE = you

MAMA: get up earlier than you'd like to because 1) you not only have to get ready but you have to get the lil one ready too 2) your not just packing your lunch, but the munchkin's gotta eat too. of course you've got to boan (bring lunch, instead of buy) because you have to be wise about how you spend your money. and you gotta make breakfast for the 2 of you.
Twenty-FREE: it's ok if you get up 10 minutes later than your alarm clock tells you cuz all you have to worry about is getting your ass up, piss, brush your teeth, grab breakfast on the go and whatever else leftovers you think would pass for a suitable lunch, if needed.
*note: just getting out the house for a single person is 5X faster than a mother with child(ren).

MAMA: with extracurricular activities during the week (i.e. swimming, sports, music - whatever it may be) you get home about 2-3 hours later than you normally would
Twenty-FREE: you can go straight home, take off your shoes, and relax your feet (hahah that's SWV for ya)

MAMA: when you get home from work it's another duty to help your child with their homework and making sure they are staying focused with their ABC's and 123's.
Twenty-FREE: when you get home, you probably do the following: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

MAMA: weekends here, time for double the laundry, double the cleaning, and making sure your kid is stayed entertained. or else they lose it which results in you losing it. staying up late (as in 10-11pm, which is not late) to watch cartoons with the lil one and somewhat relax from your already exhausting week
Twenty-FREE: weekends here which means FREEDOM! Ain't got work tomorrow, so it's time to kick back or party hard with the homies and have yourself about 3-5 drinks, on average, till your ass is too fadddddddddeddddddddd, your lungs have given up for the night, and you end up going home at the butt crack of dawn.

MAMA: the other 1/2. It ain't as easy as going days without talking to your other 1/2 because some petty ass tiff ya'll got into. You have no choice, your tied with your offspring in the middle, so not all communication can be cut off. Your still gonna hear from the BM (baby mama) or BD (baby daddy) when your child is asking "where is daddy?" "where is mommy?"
Twenty-FREE: it's alright if you don't talk to the other 1/2 for a week, they'll probably get over it and everything will be ok.

MAMA: you have to be cautious of everything you do and say or else you'll be having their teacher ask you why your child was saying "yahhh bZ, that's HELLA OFF THE HOOK!" "HOLLA!" (not true in my case, but I've heard my lil man slip out a lil slang here and there)
Twenty-FREE: you can cuss up a motherfuckin' storm! be as ebonic as you'd fuckin' like cuz you think it's the shit.

I don't know what else, but I'm sure you get the picture. I could go on about comparing the 2 different lives. I just wish that sometimes I can have just as much FREEDOM of a normal TWENTY-FREE year old. But who am I to say what is normal. The baby boom generation is catching up and people are pro-creating like it ain't a thang. Once there is a lil you brought into the world, your life will never ever be the same. CHEERS! hahahhaa.

Yes, I can

Supervisor is on vacation for the next 2 days and the lady that works with me in my teeny office has left for the day. Yes, I can finally break the rules, without getting caught up, I HOPE?! Listening to music on my iPhone - Ryan Leslie (sidenote: I'm mad that I had no idea he was gonna be at Yoshi's SF tonight, according to his Twitter) - and blogging for once. Not sure what to blog about tho.

Since this is somewhat work related, I just wanted to vent about how I hate working with OLDER people who have broken ass english and type with one finger at like 15 WPM. UGH! I can do double their work in less than half the time it takes for them to do it. This is not my type of work environment. I like it fast paced and always having something to do. Well there is an advantage to not being busy, but with our company cracking down on our internet use, I'd rather they give me bullshit work to do than for me to get written up for TOO MUCH internet use or something. Not sure if they'd really do that. Just sayin'.

I also can't stand people who don't have strong work ethics! It's very unprofessional. I guess I am being a lil hypocritical, but if you are just taking advantage of work hours to do more of your personal stuff then that's no bueno. Taking longer breaks than you're supposed to cuz you know you won't get caught up. And worst of all me ending up doing your duties because you left early or whatever. IRRITATING.

I have 12 days PTO, someone take me on a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh just had to vent a lil. Anyways, I want out pronto. Anyone have hooks on jobs fashion related. I so want to work in the streetwear niche of things...but *sigh* not sure how that's gonna happen. Takin' my ass back to school in the Fall tho!


Team Jacob

hahahahah just for kicks.
saw this on one of my daily blog visits to Nitro:Licious

oh and have you seen this?! just LOOK REAL CLOSE!

SOURCE: WhatTheForks?!



Fuckin' HAHlarious! I loved this movie! Wasn't too sure what to expect, but I left the theater laughing..... Random scenes would even pop into my head while at work and I'd quietly laugh about it. I would pay another ridiculously unnecessary $10.50 to watch it again. Yep it was that good!

And Bradley Cooper is one fine MAN!

APPLE does it again

Of course, right?! Well with all the other cellular companies trying to compete with the original iPhone, Apple has announced the release date of the 3G S. DAYM! So is that 3 versions of the iPhones that have been released in the past 3 years. You can do the math...by this time in 2010, they'll be announcing and even BETTER iPhone.

See below for specifications...

and click here for more deets

Uhmmmm....yah, there are some better features,

Picture messaging
As announced back in March, both the iPhone 3G S and the iPhone 3G will finally support MMS—one of the biggest missing features on the iPhone—via the iPhone Software 3.0 update, due to hit iTunes on June 17. That's the good news; the bad news is that AT&T won't support MMS on the iPhone until "later this summer." Ugh.

Other upcoming features in iPhone Software 3.0
Get ready for direct downloads of TV shows and movie rentals/purchases on the iPhone (perfect for grabbing some videos before boarding a flight), stability and speed enhancements for the mobile version of Safari, and a "Find My iPhone" feature (which tracks down your lost
iPhone, provided you're subscribed to Apple's MobileMe service).

...but still not everything.

Yo, Steve Jobs, how about forwarding text messages?!
I guess I'll just wait for the iPhone Software 3.0 update (hey, that's next week :D) to determine wheter or not my 3G is worthy of a total upgrade to 3G S.



"it's Friday night and I just got paid, I'd had a hard week, now its time to celebrate..." -yeezy

Twittascope for the day: Although you will probably feel good about the progress made today, it could leave you physically exhausted. Don't take on too much; it's better to do one job well than to divide your energy and do several things badly.

I'm staying in tonight, 1) cuz I am tired and 2) my mom called dibs and said she was kickin' it with her homegirls tonight. Real talk. hahha. So I'm watching 20/20 (i know right, WTH?!?) I don't know. I scanned thru channels and didn't find anything else appealing so I ended here because they were investigating a story that's so close to home. I remember hearing about it when it first happened too. De Anza Baseball team gang rape a 17 year old So disturbing to hear this story and the pending verdict. This happened 2 years ago...and still in the works.

So ladies watch your drinks and dont be fooled into fuckery.

I was going to elaborate more, but my comp kept freezing up. I'm just gonna sleep now and hope I don't dream about this daym 20/20 episode. hahha.


my favorite part about award shows...

I love it!
especially SHOES!


...LOTS OF MINIS...Out of all the three pictured above I would have to go with Leighton Meester (center). Not feeling Megan Fox's (right) do with that outfit, yah it looks sleek, but not for me! And Sienna Miller (left) played it safe and sheik with her sequenced long sleeve dress. I love all their SHOES!

...TWILIGHT CAST...Converse on Kirsten Stewart (left) - go figure - she doesn't seem like the type to dress up. Her persona shows well through her outfit. I'm glad she stayed true to who she is. Elizabeth Reasar (right), well she's old, soooo...that's how her outift looks! HAH. Ashley Greene (center) on the other hand...looks sophisticated and very pin-up with her hair styled that way. I like Ashley's look the best out of the 3.

...AND THESE ARE MY FAVES...Ashley Tisdale (left) is smokin! Love the shoes! And for Sandra Bullock (center) YES, she went in! I just love how well put together her ensemble is. Still keepin' it classy. I love the halter and accent trim color on Hayden Panettiere's (right) dress. Love, love, love it all!


it's a NEW MOON

So everyone's panties are in twist after seeing the New Moon trailer last night during the MTV Movie Awards...that is definitely a 1 minute and half tease to wait for 5 months until the movie releases 11.20.09 (a day before my bday - yayyyy!) Well I could watch the trailer over and over and over again, I really don't care. I'm sure other footage will be leaked from time to time...I've already seen photos and snippet vids of when Edward is in Italy with the Volturi...looks goooooddddd! I can't f'in wait. In the meantime, I like to keep updated on all things Twilight via my fave blog WhatTheForks!!. They are some WTFly Ladies! . If you are familiar with MissLawn from Hellz, Yoshi from Fatlace, and one of the most creative writers I've come upon through blogs Raachem...then you will def fall in love with their WTForks Blog.

Anyways, here's the trailer I'll be sneaking a peek at while at work!

Oh and BTW, I've flagged this message in my inbox for weeks already so I can blog about it, of course it's Twilight related. Bella's BB Dakota jacket worn in the Twilight is now available for pre-sale. Hmmm...IDK if I would actually want to buy it though. However, if they were selling Edward Cullen's peacoat...I'll be up on it with the quickness. HOLLA!