"it's Friday night and I just got paid, I'd had a hard week, now its time to celebrate..." -yeezy

Twittascope for the day: Although you will probably feel good about the progress made today, it could leave you physically exhausted. Don't take on too much; it's better to do one job well than to divide your energy and do several things badly.

I'm staying in tonight, 1) cuz I am tired and 2) my mom called dibs and said she was kickin' it with her homegirls tonight. Real talk. hahha. So I'm watching 20/20 (i know right, WTH?!?) I don't know. I scanned thru channels and didn't find anything else appealing so I ended here because they were investigating a story that's so close to home. I remember hearing about it when it first happened too. De Anza Baseball team gang rape a 17 year old So disturbing to hear this story and the pending verdict. This happened 2 years ago...and still in the works.

So ladies watch your drinks and dont be fooled into fuckery.

I was going to elaborate more, but my comp kept freezing up. I'm just gonna sleep now and hope I don't dream about this daym 20/20 episode. hahha.

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