Killin' Time

As I sit here bored out of my mind trying to look occupied, I realized I have neglected to post blogs for awhile. Well, reason is I don’t really have anything blog worthy to post up. I instead just re-blog other peoples stuff. Hahaha. Call me a blog plagiarist (however, I give credit where credit is due) or call it lightweight marketing to help your post reach to my readers. It just sucks that the only time I find time to blog is while I’m at work, but since the crackdown on internet use, it’s been harder to do.

Anyways, in regards to yesterday’s holiday of Father’s Day a.k.a. Happy 2nd Mother’s Day I didn’t do much but spend it alone and later on with my Buff. I haven’t spoken to my father for almost a year and it is a pretty sad situation. We live in the same daym city and he still can’t man the fuck up and reach out to his own children. Unfortunately, my bro and I got into some financial issues with our father a couple years ago and it got so worse that it was taken to court. KIDS vs. FATHER! So since then my relationship with my dad has been a bust. Quiet frankly, it hasn’t fathom me much. Are there even any real men out there taking responsibility of their offspring? If there are, hold onto them and don’t let em go. Times are tough. I’m not putting anyone down…but it is truly unfortunate for kids to grow up without knowing who their father is. I can’t imagine how the +8 feels about Jon & Kate….not a good look.

Moving on…hopefully my blogging picks up. Work has been really slow…so there is a chance.

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