23 yr.old MOTHER vs. 23 yr. old

My life versus yours. No complaints, I love being a mother, but I also miss having my freedom of living my young adult life.

MAMA = me
Twenty-FREE = you

MAMA: get up earlier than you'd like to because 1) you not only have to get ready but you have to get the lil one ready too 2) your not just packing your lunch, but the munchkin's gotta eat too. of course you've got to boan (bring lunch, instead of buy) because you have to be wise about how you spend your money. and you gotta make breakfast for the 2 of you.
Twenty-FREE: it's ok if you get up 10 minutes later than your alarm clock tells you cuz all you have to worry about is getting your ass up, piss, brush your teeth, grab breakfast on the go and whatever else leftovers you think would pass for a suitable lunch, if needed.
*note: just getting out the house for a single person is 5X faster than a mother with child(ren).

MAMA: with extracurricular activities during the week (i.e. swimming, sports, music - whatever it may be) you get home about 2-3 hours later than you normally would
Twenty-FREE: you can go straight home, take off your shoes, and relax your feet (hahah that's SWV for ya)

MAMA: when you get home from work it's another duty to help your child with their homework and making sure they are staying focused with their ABC's and 123's.
Twenty-FREE: when you get home, you probably do the following: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

MAMA: weekends here, time for double the laundry, double the cleaning, and making sure your kid is stayed entertained. or else they lose it which results in you losing it. staying up late (as in 10-11pm, which is not late) to watch cartoons with the lil one and somewhat relax from your already exhausting week
Twenty-FREE: weekends here which means FREEDOM! Ain't got work tomorrow, so it's time to kick back or party hard with the homies and have yourself about 3-5 drinks, on average, till your ass is too fadddddddddeddddddddd, your lungs have given up for the night, and you end up going home at the butt crack of dawn.

MAMA: the other 1/2. It ain't as easy as going days without talking to your other 1/2 because some petty ass tiff ya'll got into. You have no choice, your tied with your offspring in the middle, so not all communication can be cut off. Your still gonna hear from the BM (baby mama) or BD (baby daddy) when your child is asking "where is daddy?" "where is mommy?"
Twenty-FREE: it's alright if you don't talk to the other 1/2 for a week, they'll probably get over it and everything will be ok.

MAMA: you have to be cautious of everything you do and say or else you'll be having their teacher ask you why your child was saying "yahhh bZ, that's HELLA OFF THE HOOK!" "HOLLA!" (not true in my case, but I've heard my lil man slip out a lil slang here and there)
Twenty-FREE: you can cuss up a motherfuckin' storm! be as ebonic as you'd fuckin' like cuz you think it's the shit.

I don't know what else, but I'm sure you get the picture. I could go on about comparing the 2 different lives. I just wish that sometimes I can have just as much FREEDOM of a normal TWENTY-FREE year old. But who am I to say what is normal. The baby boom generation is catching up and people are pro-creating like it ain't a thang. Once there is a lil you brought into the world, your life will never ever be the same. CHEERS! hahahhaa.

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