Yes, I can

Supervisor is on vacation for the next 2 days and the lady that works with me in my teeny office has left for the day. Yes, I can finally break the rules, without getting caught up, I HOPE?! Listening to music on my iPhone - Ryan Leslie (sidenote: I'm mad that I had no idea he was gonna be at Yoshi's SF tonight, according to his Twitter) - and blogging for once. Not sure what to blog about tho.

Since this is somewhat work related, I just wanted to vent about how I hate working with OLDER people who have broken ass english and type with one finger at like 15 WPM. UGH! I can do double their work in less than half the time it takes for them to do it. This is not my type of work environment. I like it fast paced and always having something to do. Well there is an advantage to not being busy, but with our company cracking down on our internet use, I'd rather they give me bullshit work to do than for me to get written up for TOO MUCH internet use or something. Not sure if they'd really do that. Just sayin'.

I also can't stand people who don't have strong work ethics! It's very unprofessional. I guess I am being a lil hypocritical, but if you are just taking advantage of work hours to do more of your personal stuff then that's no bueno. Taking longer breaks than you're supposed to cuz you know you won't get caught up. And worst of all me ending up doing your duties because you left early or whatever. IRRITATING.

I have 12 days PTO, someone take me on a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh just had to vent a lil. Anyways, I want out pronto. Anyone have hooks on jobs fashion related. I so want to work in the streetwear niche of things...but *sigh* not sure how that's gonna happen. Takin' my ass back to school in the Fall tho!

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