my favorite part about award shows...

I love it!
especially SHOES!


...LOTS OF MINIS...Out of all the three pictured above I would have to go with Leighton Meester (center). Not feeling Megan Fox's (right) do with that outfit, yah it looks sleek, but not for me! And Sienna Miller (left) played it safe and sheik with her sequenced long sleeve dress. I love all their SHOES!

...TWILIGHT CAST...Converse on Kirsten Stewart (left) - go figure - she doesn't seem like the type to dress up. Her persona shows well through her outfit. I'm glad she stayed true to who she is. Elizabeth Reasar (right), well she's old, soooo...that's how her outift looks! HAH. Ashley Greene (center) on the other hand...looks sophisticated and very pin-up with her hair styled that way. I like Ashley's look the best out of the 3.

...AND THESE ARE MY FAVES...Ashley Tisdale (left) is smokin! Love the shoes! And for Sandra Bullock (center) YES, she went in! I just love how well put together her ensemble is. Still keepin' it classy. I love the halter and accent trim color on Hayden Panettiere's (right) dress. Love, love, love it all!

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