Knock You Down

I've been feeling Keri Hilson lately. Her style, her physique, her swagga, her look, she's a fly mamacita - "FUEGO"

I don't know how I feel about her and Mr. West tho...

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down (feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T... love either Keri Baby, Kanye, or Ne-yo


Kiss Me Thru the Phone

caught Jeremiah singing along in the car one day and it cracked me up! So I asked him to do it again, but it wasn't as good. You just had to be there the first time.

(please excuse the extra in the back...that's my mother folding laundry, while watching ABS-CBN hahhaha)

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...want to meet my lil' man!

Picture of the Day: Jeremiah & Marcus

these lil' boogers :D


This is probably the only show I watch religiously, every Tuesday night at 10pm. Gotta love a bad bitch!

"Dayyyymmmm COOKIE!" - Tiff
"...cuz I'm from Boston..." - Boston
"all I need are my knee-high socks and I'm good" - Ailea
"let me bounce up on it!!!" - Amber N. aka Cookie
"like, OMG, the FAB 5 this and the FAB 5 that" - Amber B.
"fuck these bitcheessssssss" - Ashley
"my boobs are f*ckin real" - Sarah

Can't wait for the season finale with none other - the gossip queen of all time PEREZ HILTON
BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love a bad bitch


I Like IKE's Place

Another Friday means another Friday lunch review. (I know pretty boring right, unless you there with me!)
Don’t feel like mouthing off much today, but if you are dying of a sandwich place that will make you your sandwich the way you want it, Ike’s is the place!
Today was our 2nd visit and I still can’t get enough. As seen on Best of the Bay and voted as one of the best sandwich places in SF.

You will be satisfied and that’s a guarantee! Check out this video clip from Best of the Bay. http://bestofthebaytv.com/view/403

Here are some photos from our first visit.

Yes, that's what makes this place interesting. The names of their sandwiches. I got a M.I.L.F. so appropriate for me in more ways than one!


If you know me, you would know that's my type of sandwich! HOLLA! And it was so damn finger lickin' good and to top it off they challenge you to "HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF THE TOOTSIE POP!" (nah, no real challenge, but a tootsie pop treat, for real!? NICE!)

And if your a vegan, no worries - they cater to everyone and have so many choices! Check out "D" scarfing down her Super Wario (vegan meatballs, marinara, mozzarella sticks)

This is the place you can order a HELLA FAT BASTARD w/ EXTRA DIRTY SAUCE without offending anyone cuz it's a name of their sandwich. The dirty sauce is their specialty and what makes em' keep coming back for more.

Ike's Place inspired me to start YELPing. Read here for a more detailed experience.

I Like Ike's Place!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...want a finger lickin' good ASS sa-mich! :p

Go Go Gadget

When funds are looking better...I would love to finally own


(I could defnitely settle for a white one, cuz I would have to take out a loan to get this blinging laptop)


Just please look at the picture quality this camera has!

(enough said! - here is a blog with more photo samples)

This would be cool to have since I have a lot of negatives I would like to convert and transfer to my computer

And while gadget browsing...look what I saw. I think Jeremiah would love to own a pair of these


for more cool gadgets click here

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...have a 'nerdy' side in them


Not My Usual Type BUT...




Friday, Saturday, Sunday RECAP

Friday had my regular lunch routine with my co-workers at this pizza spot that is soooooooooo good! I always get the same thing! PIZZA Lunch meal w/salad (ranch dressing, please!) and garlic bread. This time we decided to go in on a pitcher of Longarita beer to go with our meal. Felt like such a manly meal. Definitely a fulfilling lunch hour! And guaranteed garlic breath all day! hahaha.

If ever you are in the Potrero District,
this is a guaranteed delish spot to eat at.
Check out Goat Hill Pizza!

Saturday had a girls night with 2 of my besties, Genna and MJ. My other best friend is livin' la vida loca in LA! Agenda for the night was to hit up Azuli Lounge in San Mateo only because we know we can get in for free. After a personal cocktail, shared beer, lots of laughs and a drive over the SM bridge later we find out that our hook was actually leaving the club cuz it was almost at capacity. That's a first for Azuli.

So we're faded and journeyed to Polengs as orignally planned to meet up with my main man Josh. It's 1am and we have about 45 minutes to enjoy an already messed up agenda.

1 Tokyo Tea later it was a done deal. Even with the packed dance floor and unpleasant aroma of stir fry and mass amount of asains there we had a good time!

CALL 579-3221! LOL

Sunday slept in as usual from a night out. The best remedy to an adventurous night before is food and shopping. Genna introduced me to a local spot that had carne asada fries! OMG, that's some serio sh*t! I thought carne asada fries only existed in San Diego. This spot wasn't as good as Roberto's Carne Asada fries, but it satisfies the crave and beats the 8 hour journey to SD.

Afterwards we had a craving to do some lightweight shopping which ended up turning into an impulse shopping experience. DD's Discounts nice to meet you. Super ghetto but if you are a bargain shopper like me and Genna than it might be nice to hit up this spot. Very similar to a Ross on a lower level. We just started getting juiced because we started seeing familar labels like Forever21, Heritage, and Urban Outfitters. Peep the price jump here! Can't beat this!

(p.s. I act as a personal shopper for my friends, so this dress is going to MJ)

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T... enjoy a good weekend!


Pi(e) Day at Work

Another reason to eat and indulge…
One of my co-workers sent out a mass email to let us know that 3/14 was coming soon. What is so significant about 3/14 you may be wondering? Well remember the days in algebra class when you had to input (a.k.a. Pi = 3.14159 and so on)…well we integrated the numerical number to celebrate a Pi(e) day. Since we don’t work on 3/14 (cuz it’s a Saturday) we celebrated a day early (a.k.a. Friday the 13th, haha).

Here is the original email my co-worker sent out…(I’m not sure if this is a national thing to celebrate or if she made it up herself, wherever it came from, I think it was a brilliant idea)!

Hey Everybody,
Saturday March 14 is Pi day (as in 3.14159265...). Would anyone be interested in celebrating the day before (Friday the 13th!!!) by bringing in their favorite pie? My favorite recipe is a Plum & Port Tart (...okay...not technically a pie...) and I'd be happy to make one to share. Yours could be a fruit pie, meat pie, a quesh (I'm certain I'm spelling that wrong), or a root pie (yum sweet potato) or something you like and you just can't wait any longer to share it with the rest of us!
Let me know...

Got into work a lil before 8:30 and look at the plate I made for myself. A hearty breakfast, right?! Or more like a heart attack!

After 9am there were enough pies to make yourself a whole variety pie! Someone even ordered pizza pi(e)s for lunch... WOW, we really got into it!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love eating pi(e)s

I gotta go barf now!


Four Eyes

I needed a reason to take some time off because work has been slow lately and I have about 13 days PTO (see I’m good, I don’t call in-sick ever). I hope sometime this summer I can use all that PTO and go on vacay. Definitely using some of it for my trip to Disneyland in July. I also wanted to go back to NYC with my Buff, but we just have to see about that though…funds and other personal issues seem to always be in the way. Yes, I digress, I know…so back to the point of this post. I decided to take a ½ day and take me and my lil’ man to get our eyes checked. FUN!

For those of you that have known me since forever know that I (am suppose to) wear eyeglasses. Yep, that’s the deal, since 2nd grade I’ve had to wear glasses. I do have to say I had the most stylish glasses ever…they were hot pink with green like lines on em and better yet, I had a velcro rainbow case to go with it. Daym I wish I had a picture I can post of me with these glasses, YOU WOULD DIE, that’s a guarantee. If I find old childhood pictures I will be sure to post em in the future, those are so fun to look at. (again I digress, sorry). Anyways, I decided to stop wearing my glasses for some reason in HS and never cared after.

Low and behold…my check-up was done and the doctor said “Alright, Michelle, let’s go out there and find you some frames!” (<-- that I already knew) Yipee! This time I want some really nice ones that I won’t mind wearing all the time, but I could not find any cute ones that fit my swagger! Haha. So I am on a hunt for some nice frames within the next week. Perhaps some Gucci or Dior ones. “CHA-CHING!!”

while waiting...Jeremiah was into his Trumpet 'Divining the Future' Mag, while I had to fill out paperwork.

Jeremiah's first eye doctor appt. He was kinda scared. Well the huge moving machines are a lil scary looking.

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...like check-ups


2010 GOAL!


Meet my pet Puss

I got this kookie lil thing as a white elephant gift at my works' Xmas party. It's been sitting on my desk since then in it's original packing and everything. A couple weeks ago my co-worker asked when I was gonna water my Puss! And she offered to set it up for me. When I got into work this morning, I noticed the cool do my Puss was sporting! I ACTUALLY LIKE IT! I'll probably taper the do when it gets longer. Until then please enjoy this photo of my Puss!
(Similar to a chia pet)

"grow me, trim me, love me"

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love some puss


THE GOODS - Thank you UPS


Full pictures to follow
Can't wait to rock it. Yessss, no struggling for me tomorrow when items are released in store!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love it when they get packages

Now Famous Chop-Chop Salad

Every Friday me and 2 of my co-workers venture out of the workplace to indulge in a delicious lunch and why the hell not, it's T.G.I.F.

I've tried a few bites of this salad when another one of my co-workers got it awhile ago. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I was wondering when the cafe was gonna make a comeback with this one since it's only a 'Daily Special.' Well they must've known this would be a hit, they've already changed the name from Chop-Chop Salad to NOW FAMOUS Chop-Chop Salad. Since I am deprived of meat for the next 1654648 Fridays this was the next best thing. One of thee best salads I've ever had. I am going to attempt to make my own version of this salad one day, but I know it will never be as mouth-watering as the way they make it. Peep the pic below...although it doesn't do the salad justice.

(seared wild ahi / shitake mushrooms /cucumber / cabbage / romaine / cilantro / scallions / crisp wonton / mango / toasted peanuts / chile lime vinaigrette / wasabi drizzle)
Compliments of Caffe Pazzo in the Potrero District, SF

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love at least one thing that's in this salad


Greedy Purchase

I was gonna go on a hunt this weekend to find what I just bought...but considering the forecast, I did not want to be out dilly dallying and end up with NADA! This collabo is one of the hottest in the female streetwear scene right now. Hopefully it's as good as it sounds.
There goes my tax return!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...like collaborations

Intro into the B.LOG world

It has been super slowwwwwwwwwww at work lately, so I've been sucked into the Blog world. Reading random people's blogs. One of my best friends suggested I start one...and looky here, this is where I ended up. I hope I really follow through with this. I think of a blog like a diary or journal and knowing my past, I would only open that daym thing when I had something to write about that I didn't want to forget. Last time I seen one of those was probably in my early HS years. Well with the workload at this rate...updates will be frequent. CHEERS!

What other day would be more perfect than a "SQUARE ROOT DAY" to start

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...have a blog