Four Eyes

I needed a reason to take some time off because work has been slow lately and I have about 13 days PTO (see I’m good, I don’t call in-sick ever). I hope sometime this summer I can use all that PTO and go on vacay. Definitely using some of it for my trip to Disneyland in July. I also wanted to go back to NYC with my Buff, but we just have to see about that though…funds and other personal issues seem to always be in the way. Yes, I digress, I know…so back to the point of this post. I decided to take a ½ day and take me and my lil’ man to get our eyes checked. FUN!

For those of you that have known me since forever know that I (am suppose to) wear eyeglasses. Yep, that’s the deal, since 2nd grade I’ve had to wear glasses. I do have to say I had the most stylish glasses ever…they were hot pink with green like lines on em and better yet, I had a velcro rainbow case to go with it. Daym I wish I had a picture I can post of me with these glasses, YOU WOULD DIE, that’s a guarantee. If I find old childhood pictures I will be sure to post em in the future, those are so fun to look at. (again I digress, sorry). Anyways, I decided to stop wearing my glasses for some reason in HS and never cared after.

Low and behold…my check-up was done and the doctor said “Alright, Michelle, let’s go out there and find you some frames!” (<-- that I already knew) Yipee! This time I want some really nice ones that I won’t mind wearing all the time, but I could not find any cute ones that fit my swagger! Haha. So I am on a hunt for some nice frames within the next week. Perhaps some Gucci or Dior ones. “CHA-CHING!!”

while waiting...Jeremiah was into his Trumpet 'Divining the Future' Mag, while I had to fill out paperwork.

Jeremiah's first eye doctor appt. He was kinda scared. Well the huge moving machines are a lil scary looking.

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...like check-ups

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