Friday, Saturday, Sunday RECAP

Friday had my regular lunch routine with my co-workers at this pizza spot that is soooooooooo good! I always get the same thing! PIZZA Lunch meal w/salad (ranch dressing, please!) and garlic bread. This time we decided to go in on a pitcher of Longarita beer to go with our meal. Felt like such a manly meal. Definitely a fulfilling lunch hour! And guaranteed garlic breath all day! hahaha.

If ever you are in the Potrero District,
this is a guaranteed delish spot to eat at.
Check out Goat Hill Pizza!

Saturday had a girls night with 2 of my besties, Genna and MJ. My other best friend is livin' la vida loca in LA! Agenda for the night was to hit up Azuli Lounge in San Mateo only because we know we can get in for free. After a personal cocktail, shared beer, lots of laughs and a drive over the SM bridge later we find out that our hook was actually leaving the club cuz it was almost at capacity. That's a first for Azuli.

So we're faded and journeyed to Polengs as orignally planned to meet up with my main man Josh. It's 1am and we have about 45 minutes to enjoy an already messed up agenda.

1 Tokyo Tea later it was a done deal. Even with the packed dance floor and unpleasant aroma of stir fry and mass amount of asains there we had a good time!

CALL 579-3221! LOL

Sunday slept in as usual from a night out. The best remedy to an adventurous night before is food and shopping. Genna introduced me to a local spot that had carne asada fries! OMG, that's some serio sh*t! I thought carne asada fries only existed in San Diego. This spot wasn't as good as Roberto's Carne Asada fries, but it satisfies the crave and beats the 8 hour journey to SD.

Afterwards we had a craving to do some lightweight shopping which ended up turning into an impulse shopping experience. DD's Discounts nice to meet you. Super ghetto but if you are a bargain shopper like me and Genna than it might be nice to hit up this spot. Very similar to a Ross on a lower level. We just started getting juiced because we started seeing familar labels like Forever21, Heritage, and Urban Outfitters. Peep the price jump here! Can't beat this!

(p.s. I act as a personal shopper for my friends, so this dress is going to MJ)

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T... enjoy a good weekend!

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