I Like IKE's Place

Another Friday means another Friday lunch review. (I know pretty boring right, unless you there with me!)
Don’t feel like mouthing off much today, but if you are dying of a sandwich place that will make you your sandwich the way you want it, Ike’s is the place!
Today was our 2nd visit and I still can’t get enough. As seen on Best of the Bay and voted as one of the best sandwich places in SF.

You will be satisfied and that’s a guarantee! Check out this video clip from Best of the Bay. http://bestofthebaytv.com/view/403

Here are some photos from our first visit.

Yes, that's what makes this place interesting. The names of their sandwiches. I got a M.I.L.F. so appropriate for me in more ways than one!


If you know me, you would know that's my type of sandwich! HOLLA! And it was so damn finger lickin' good and to top it off they challenge you to "HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE CENTER OF THE TOOTSIE POP!" (nah, no real challenge, but a tootsie pop treat, for real!? NICE!)

And if your a vegan, no worries - they cater to everyone and have so many choices! Check out "D" scarfing down her Super Wario (vegan meatballs, marinara, mozzarella sticks)

This is the place you can order a HELLA FAT BASTARD w/ EXTRA DIRTY SAUCE without offending anyone cuz it's a name of their sandwich. The dirty sauce is their specialty and what makes em' keep coming back for more.

Ike's Place inspired me to start YELPing. Read here for a more detailed experience.

I Like Ike's Place!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...want a finger lickin' good ASS sa-mich! :p

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