Pi(e) Day at Work

Another reason to eat and indulge…
One of my co-workers sent out a mass email to let us know that 3/14 was coming soon. What is so significant about 3/14 you may be wondering? Well remember the days in algebra class when you had to input (a.k.a. Pi = 3.14159 and so on)…well we integrated the numerical number to celebrate a Pi(e) day. Since we don’t work on 3/14 (cuz it’s a Saturday) we celebrated a day early (a.k.a. Friday the 13th, haha).

Here is the original email my co-worker sent out…(I’m not sure if this is a national thing to celebrate or if she made it up herself, wherever it came from, I think it was a brilliant idea)!

Hey Everybody,
Saturday March 14 is Pi day (as in 3.14159265...). Would anyone be interested in celebrating the day before (Friday the 13th!!!) by bringing in their favorite pie? My favorite recipe is a Plum & Port Tart (...okay...not technically a pie...) and I'd be happy to make one to share. Yours could be a fruit pie, meat pie, a quesh (I'm certain I'm spelling that wrong), or a root pie (yum sweet potato) or something you like and you just can't wait any longer to share it with the rest of us!
Let me know...

Got into work a lil before 8:30 and look at the plate I made for myself. A hearty breakfast, right?! Or more like a heart attack!

After 9am there were enough pies to make yourself a whole variety pie! Someone even ordered pizza pi(e)s for lunch... WOW, we really got into it!

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love eating pi(e)s

I gotta go barf now!

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