Meet my pet Puss

I got this kookie lil thing as a white elephant gift at my works' Xmas party. It's been sitting on my desk since then in it's original packing and everything. A couple weeks ago my co-worker asked when I was gonna water my Puss! And she offered to set it up for me. When I got into work this morning, I noticed the cool do my Puss was sporting! I ACTUALLY LIKE IT! I'll probably taper the do when it gets longer. Until then please enjoy this photo of my Puss!
(Similar to a chia pet)

"grow me, trim me, love me"

BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T...love some puss


  1. Yay I found u lol, well actually I cheated and seen ur headie on MS. Love Love Love it. Hopefully you keep updating, cause mine has been inactive for more than a month or two lol. Love u cuz. Hugs*

  2. That's right.. Love your silly puss!!!

  3. P.S-- It's yo sista and Ri'Karlo.. HOLLA!