it's a NEW MOON

So everyone's panties are in twist after seeing the New Moon trailer last night during the MTV Movie Awards...that is definitely a 1 minute and half tease to wait for 5 months until the movie releases 11.20.09 (a day before my bday - yayyyy!) Well I could watch the trailer over and over and over again, I really don't care. I'm sure other footage will be leaked from time to time...I've already seen photos and snippet vids of when Edward is in Italy with the Volturi...looks goooooddddd! I can't f'in wait. In the meantime, I like to keep updated on all things Twilight via my fave blog WhatTheForks!!. They are some WTFly Ladies! . If you are familiar with MissLawn from Hellz, Yoshi from Fatlace, and one of the most creative writers I've come upon through blogs Raachem...then you will def fall in love with their WTForks Blog.

Anyways, here's the trailer I'll be sneaking a peek at while at work!

Oh and BTW, I've flagged this message in my inbox for weeks already so I can blog about it, of course it's Twilight related. Bella's BB Dakota jacket worn in the Twilight is now available for pre-sale. Hmmm...IDK if I would actually want to buy it though. However, if they were selling Edward Cullen's peacoat...I'll be up on it with the quickness. HOLLA!