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At work today we got the official memo about the band of social networking sites

Although our ability to “Keep Up With The Times” in technology has been very instrumental in our success, we have determined that the increased problems with our internet connections is largely due to the volume of internet activity involving sites which are not work-related (youtube, radio stations, iTunes, facebook, etc)

Maybe its true or maybe not. Whatever the case is, now it makes sense to me that my internet would freeze up my whole computer when I had Facebook, Pandora, (insert name here) blog, shopping site, etc open in multiple windows. Again like I said I don’t find that this has affected me much cuz I use my iPhone for all of that.

But the point of this blog was to say that at the end of the memo it stated

In addition, please refrain from wearing headphones while working (safety headphone excepted). Besides being a possible ciolation of our Insurance coverage, that practice limites the ability of (my company name) employees to be aware of what is happening in the operation of our business.

Now that just hit rock bottom for me. Music is what gets me thru the day….I guess I have to buy black headphones instead of the white ipod ones, so it can camouflage with my hair….hahahha

Also, today was the last day here for one of my co-workers. She is off to England to pursue her dreams in building her own brassiere business. Good luck to you and best wishes. Check out her blog for interesting news and posts about female undergarments and other randoms of course Life in The Lingerie Lane

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