Life in LA - Day 4 - Last Day

Check out me and MJ's new tats! She is the 'ying' to my 'yang'.

SIKE! hahaa, we didn't end up getting tats. But we did laugh about it as we passed a tattoo shop.

Anyways, our last day in LA. We're pretty much worn out but still try to make the best of our last day. Since we weren't sure if we checked out all the shops on Melrose the day before, that was our destination for today. So we called up Habib to pick us up in his taxi and take us to Melrose x Fairfax.

The NOT eating before going out has already become an LA habit. So our shopping experience today was such a drag, until we regained energy at 8 oz. Burger Bar. Not picture worthy because it wasn't that great. And P.S. our server had her tramp stamp exposed which I thought was very unprofessional. UGH!

Last photo in LA...

Well technically this is our last picture at LAX. So sad to go back to REALity. Boooooooooooooooo.

Thanks Lyss for the "Life in LA" experience. 43. We'll be back to do it even more LIVE!

"Life in LA is soooo insane" DAY 3 SUCCESSFUL & tired

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