Mama's Day

Almost 5 years ago, this day was just celebrated for one special person in my life – my mother.  It's the usual routine: take her out for a meal and shower her with gifts type of deal.  But being a mother deserves much more than this.  I can finally speak for it.  I LOVE BEING A MOTHER but it sure ain't easy.  I've been very fortunate to have a mother that has supported me from the day I broke the news to her about being pregnant.  She has been very understanding and supportive in every way and I am very thankful for that.  The same way I hope one day my son will be thankful for all that I've given him.  I've raised my son on my own for the past 5 years and I just want to take this moment to give a big pat on the back to all the mothers that raise their child(ren) by themselves.  It's tough for 2 parents to raise a child, so just imagine how it is for a single person to do it…


Being a mother is a job in itself:  waking up at random times in the early mornings to tend to a crying infant, changing dirty diapers, struggling to give them a bath because you don't want water to get in their ears, feeding them, the lack of sleep you get, the constant worry if he/she is ok, getting them ready in the morning, watching them go to school, helping them with their homework, making sure they've got everything they need, answering bazaar questions like "do zombies have souls?" (one of Jeremiah's real questions), just about anything you could think of.


Just be appreciative of all the things your mother has provided for you.  Regardless if she agreed or disagreed with any decisions you've made, you know she'll back you up no matter what and that's all because she LOVEs you. 


I love watching my son grow physically and mentally.  Having a child is truly a gift from God and my son is my wonderful blessing.  So hug your moms a little bit longer and tell them you love them.  Today is their special day.



  1. sheesh. i honestly want to get up and hug my mom. im really about to do it. nice blog!!

  2. glad it got you. haha. tell your mom Happy Mother's Day.