Life in LA - Day 1

Sorry for the lack of updates. Plain & simple: I've been pretty lazy to even blog, cuz I don't even know who the hell is even interested in my blog. hahhaa. Anyways, I'm keeping the next LA post short and sweet, less words, more photos.

Ate at the Veggie Grill, everything on the menu is organic. I had a burger and a carne asada type of burrito. Both were equally filling and delicious for a first time experience.

Waiting for a special EXPRESS delivery, pineapple, maybe?

Heading to Venice Beach a.k.a Muscle Beach for some R&R
Too bad it was too freakin' windy to do anything, really. MJ and I were not dressed appropriately for this 6o somethin' degree weather. And we didn't bring a mat or anything to lay out on the beach, so we strolled the sidewalk for a lil bit.

Headed to House of Thai to grub and then back to the apt to get ready for our first night out in LA. LADIES NIGHT fa sho', 5 deep at the Social Nightclub in Hollywood.

Shots of Priv and JD all night long!

From THIS ---> To THIS:

Then for an after club remedy we tried Pink's Famous Hot Dogs. Them doggies crack fa sho. Have one these and you are guaranteed for no hangover.

"Life in LA is sooooo insane" Day 1 SUCCESSFUL

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