BAND Social Networking

It was eventually going to happen. The J-O-B, finally banded all social networking sites from us. Got into work this morning and got a CODE RED email from a co-worker. She was losin' it! NO biggie for me though cuz I have an iPhone, so I could just use that for FB, Myspace, and Twitter. I'm slowly straying away from MySpace, and getting into Facebook more. Regardless I've been intercepted of social networking sites because I've gotten into reading blogs more! And I actually never sign into Twitter via computer...I found it easier to use the Tweetie app on my phone. I could make money off my co-worker who does 98% of her communication through MySpace (loser - haha). Already today she's come to me 2x for longer than 5 minutes just to use my phone and check her MySpace messages. This could be bad for some, but good for me (cha-ching$$) haha, nah, I wouldn't charge...or maybe...

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