***so I've had this draft saved since Tuesday...and finally finished, this post probably has no cohesiveness (is that a word) whatsoever. i don't really care.

I feel like I've been disconnected with the WWW as of late. NO FB, MS, TWITTER, personal email, B.LOG (mine as well as others). I guess that just goes to say that I've been somewhat occupied at work and home. I see it as a good thing tho, because we all know how much time social networking and being on the internet consumes out of your day. Imagine how much other shit you could do or accomplish in day if you didn't sign in to any of the above just to keep updated with your life for others to see...right?!

Anyways, I had a pretty good weekend. And to my surprise none of it involved having to get prettied up to head to a club or bar. The past weekend's events included my bf's bday dinner, nephew's 2 parties & celebration of one of my good friends getting his own pad. It was just nice to be surrounded by friends and family all weekend. I pretty much drank every single day and night of the weekend, but no crazy drunkeness.

I learned so much this weekend about myself and life and I just wanted to share it with you:

*my friend that got a pad has been doing big things with his life. he's been married for 2 years, (is it?), has 2 kids, and him and his wife are basically building their business on the side while still maintaining a daily job and taking care of their kids. i just look at their relationship and think "daym they are so happy together" i found out what it is that keeps them going and striving to do better everday.

the answer is GOD. i am not a devout catholic and don't practice as much as i want to, but i saw from their relationship that god is what keeps them sane. "as long as you have god in the middle, everything will work out" - M.L. for a minute i had to honestly ask my friend's wife if she was catholic or christian. DOH! I already knew the answer to that, but I just had to be sure. i don't know if it was cuz we were buzzin' or whatever, but the conversation i had with her hit home and made me realize thats all it takes. involving god in your life and your relationships with people make it stronger.

*if you've created one of those FB quizzes "How well do you know (insert name here)" then you can see who knows you better than others. i found out that some of the people that you don't see often may know you better than your BEST FRIEND that you see all the time. I love my BF to death but 42% wasn't too impressive. we realized that even though we are best friends there are some little things we tend to forget about each other. we laughed about it cuz it was kinda stupid for a quiz to judge how well your friendship is. we joked about going on a date together to get to know each other again, or for lack of a better word, to get to know each other better.

*a little late for mother's day, which was almost 2 weeks ago, but this weekend I got the most compliments ever. "michelle, you're such a good mom" "michelle, i give you props for doing it on your own" "michelle, i don't know how you do it" "michelle, your son is such a good child" basically lots of compliments left and right. it made me feel good to see that other people do see that i try my best to take care of my son and i guess it's obvious because they can see how well taken care of jeremiah is. had a drunken talk with my homeboy (father of 2 in story #1) and he was praising me (hmmm, praising...not a good choice of word, but can't think of anything else). it was just nice to hear. because i don't go out seeking for compliments so it was definitely a boost of self-esteem for me and just makes me want to do even better for Jeremiah.

*my mom prepared a majority of the food for my nephew's 2 parties. food was grrrreeat. full course homemade filipino dishes. she worked very hard till really late at night and again really early in the morning to continue and finish. i just really appreciate my mother and how hard she works to give the ones she loves everything she can. i don't tell her often or even ever that i truly appreciate everything she does. and it is very ungrateful that people take advantage of her kindness and love. she works way too hard and tires herself just to make means for others. and i'm glad she raised me into the woman i am today, cuz i saw a side of someone this weekend, that was an ungrateful shit (maybe it was just that moment, but it is something i won't tolerate). i love my mommy that's all!

oh shit....was that it??? idk, maybe. i waited to daym long to finish up this post i don't even know if that's all. i'm sure there was meant to be more but my brain went on a detour for the past 3 days. sorry for the random sentimental blurbs.

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