Life in LA - Day 3

Ok, 2 more LA post to go...haha. Getting bored yet?

Sunday = Funday...a relaxing day to just chill and shop till we drop. Bad planning though. Woke up late and headed to Melrose Ave to shop. Keep in mind it's a bout 2pm and we haven't eaten yet. Then I realize, daym it's Sunday and shops usually close earlier on Sundays. FUCK! Oh well, we make our way to Melrose and don't even know where to start. We're freakin' hungry but don't want to miss all shops before they close, so we shop until we find a decent spot to eat at. NO FOOD=NO ENERGY to shop = NO BUENO.

It was my first time shopping on Melrose, so I pretty much went into every store that looked appealing to me. I bought way more than I should have. Ended up with like 5 dresses that I can't even wear until weather permits. Along the way, we saw these...

"Where the Wild Things" mural...pretty dope!
DIMEPIECE window installment for their S/S 09 collection - Plastic City at the Joyrich Store

OK, we pretty much waited till we got to the end of the strip to eat and ended up at Vienna Cafe. Food took forever to come out, or maybe it was just because we were that fuckin' hungry. Definitely worth the wait though. YUM-O.

Shops were closing and it was time to head out to meet MJ's fam for some Cuban cuisine. We ate at Versailles Cafe. Servers were all really nice and gave us recommendations on what to try. We had Yuca Frita (YUCK), roasted garlic chicken and some shredded beef dish that resembled calderata if your filipino, then you know what I mean. Still not really sure how to describe Cuban food. It's like filipino food and mexican food put together I guess.

Ahhh, the night is not over yet (and this post is getting too long) so basically we went out for one last hoo-rah at Opera/Crimson in Hollywood. Crimson was the most chill and had the best type of music out of the 3 we went to. BEST MUSIC I must repeat, yes it was that good. Better people too! hahahaa. This place cracks for a Sunday night.

MJ and I were so buzzed we had a convo about getting tats on our wrist the next day. It was the funniest shit ever. We were so juiced and so down...so check out my next LA blog to find out if we did or not. There was more debauchery later that night at the apt...till like 5am. Good times, good times.

"Life in LA is soooo INSANE" Day 3 - SUCCESSFUL

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