Life in LA - Arrival

I've accumulated enough flights to get a free flight and free drink coupons. So basically I only paid $5 for security fees for a trip to LA. NICE!! I was generous enough to share my coupons with the BF, so we got our drankitty-drank on a 45 min flight for the first time.

and for your viewing pleasure...a snippet of being faded on the plane

Arrived at LAX and didn't have to wait long to reunite with our BF, Lyss. Yayyy! We were
hun-gary...so Lyss attempted to take us to a popular Korean spot, unfortunately the restaurant needs one full day off and coincidentally it had to be Thursday. ToFu YA, I will try you soon. But we ended up checking out this boutique type store called Black Market right next to it. MJ noticed a familiar face...it ended up being Fresh Chuck Daily (he produced some beats for UC group BMB). Pretty cool!
We ended up at Wharo's Restaurant for our second take on Korean food, btw - my first time ever trying Korean food...so I was super excited. Our server even gave me extra side dishes for myself. Too bad I wasn't too impressed with my first Korean food experience. But the kimchee soup is my new fave, yum! ToFu Ya probably would've satisfied my excitement :(

Then we headed back to Lyss' place and had ourselves a photo session. Called it a night by 12am because we knew the next few days were going to be intense!

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