Jeremiah means...

So, I feel suupppppppppperr stupid, I was on the phone with an admissions lady regarding school (yes, I am considering going back to school, that's a topic for another post) anyways, she asked if I was INDEPENDENT or dependent. I said INDEPENDANT (woman indeed :D). Then she proceeded to ask...."so you are not married or have any children?" I said "Yes, I do have a child" She asked his name and I proudly said JEREMIAH! She commented on what a beautiful name that was and she asked me "do you know what it means?"

Gahhhhh!!! I said "Noo, I forgot." DAaYMMmm, I don't even know what my son's name means, let alone my own name. For all I know JEREMIAH is a biblical name. So I looked it up and his name means 'to uplift, to lift up' Thus is the very reason I feel my life has that much more meaning. Jeremiah brightens my day, makes my day, he's my world! He is exactly as his name says...he is uplifiting! If you haven't met him, then you are missing out. He is a bright boy and I am very proud of him. He is such a character and will definitely school you in Thomas & Friends, Transformers, and Star Wars. Booooo-yah!

Shit, I don't even know what my name means...all I can remember is that it is the feminine form for Michael. Time to look that up....

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