Work has actually been consuming my days this week thus the lack of at least one post a day. Sometimes I don't even get to check my Myspace or Facebook until after lunch. Which I feel is a good thing, I hate social networking sites...you log on just to check if you have any updates/comments and next thing you know 1/2 an hour passes by. WTF? Tell me you feel me on that. Again, I digress, sorry.

I am so excited for my 5 day LA trip. Longest LA visit I've taken since I was little. Last night I started packing and started getting stressed out. I think the worst part about vacations is packing. I always tell myself "ok, don't overpack, because you'll need room in your luggage to bring back all your shopping finds." But nope, I always end up packing last minute resulting in an overpacked f*in luggage. hahaha.

Let's see if I've accomplished anything from my TO DO LIST BEFORE I HIT UP LA (from my previous post)...

things to do before I leave

? shop for sexy outfits update: went shopping saturday and didn't really find anything. but then I went to Target the other day and found a skirt for $7 that I may wear. What a steal!

_ think of shopping spots

_ try to find out where celebrities will be that weekend hahah yah right...whatever, if we see em', we see em'

_ find info on any sample sales just gonna shop wherever

X buy a swim suit update: found one on clearance at Target...even though I already have one, I just love the gold studs and plus it was only $3.74 per piece. So I went in on it.

_ work on preppin' for OPERATION SEXY MAMA hmmmmmmmmm....

X download more music update: got new musica. chester french, check. rick ross, check. and some other recommendations...also my girl MayMay sent me 2 mixed CDs. So I'm set.

_ replenish photos on my camera for new ones ekk...gotta do that tonight

_ color my hair again, maybe? no time

_ manicure/pedicure, threading, personal grooming, etc update: done. check the Nails Did, per moi. Yup, I'll hook you up too

X buy at least one pair of FUCK me shoes update: these aren't really Fuck me shoes, but they are fuckin' comfortable and that beats hurt ass feet by 3am

_ make sure I have enough money to spend hmmmm....that's always an issue. With one credit card with the credit of less than $200 available and my checking account...I'll be able to manage. I'll just come back BROKE! PayDay Friday

X lose 3 more lbs. (hahhaha, like it'll make a difference) update: I actually did! And wasn't really trying too hard. For a week and a half I've made salads to eat for lunch.

_ figure out transportation to the airport WHO WANTS TO BE MY PERSONAL CAB DRIVER TOMORROW? Fuck, still gotta figure this one out too.

_ etc, etc, etc..................................................

I'll update in LA if possible via my phone, but I know I'll be basking in the LA life to even want to think about it.

"Life in LA is soooo insane, everyday feelsss the same....spend all my cash, I'm down to change..." - Chester French GET FAMILIAR bitch! hahaha

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