L - to the dot - to the - A - to the second muthafuckin' dot

I can't wait for my 5 day hiatus to LA LA Land to visit LA LA Lyss.

things to do before I leave
_ shop for sexy outfits
_ think of shopping spots
_ try to find out where celebrities will be that weekend
_ find info on any sample sales
_ buy a swim suit
_ work on preppin' for OPERATION SEXY MAMA
_ download more music
_ replenish photos on my camera for new ones
_ color my hair again, maybe?
_ manicure/pedicure, threading, personal grooming, etc
_ buy at least one pair of FUCK me shoes
_ make sure I have enough money to spend
_ lose 3 more lbs. (hahhaha, like it'll make a difference)
_ figure out transportation to the airport
_ etc, etc, etc..................................................

There is more to think about then I realized. I'm fucked...

If anyone knows of anything or any spots to hit up let me know

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