Chasing Boys

The Buff and I were on a high speed chase with these 3 motorcycles on Milpitas side streets. Shit was pretty fun! We were trying to figure out if they were cute by looking at their shoes, what...we can't see their faces under those helmets, so shoes is the next thing to look at. haha. Seriously felt like we were 16 again trying to holla at some boys. We were just having fun and knew we weren't going to ever see them again. So when we hit the stoplight we yelled out the window like boppers do and said..."HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" and they waved back. Daym, we shoulda hoped on the back of their bikes!

UPDATE* FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. We are screaming like boppers!

"Let me see yo face babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

and I tried Pinkberry for the first time today...pretty good.

I picked strawberries and let Jeremiah pick the 2nd topping, cocoa pebbles. Interesting combo.

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