I am not quite sure what has come over me and what is in me but I think it is a good thing (well and a bad thing too). I realized it in Vegas when I was the only one that didn’t yack or have major hangovers where I had to stay in the room the next day recovering as if they were the ones getting whooped by PacMan. My tolerance for alcohol is surprising me. Not sure if it’s a myth but even mixing darks and lights doesn’t even make me upchuck. On my birthday, I was jinxing myself saying “alright, tonight’s the night, you better hold my hair.” I had a grandtastical time double fistin’, accepting drinks from whoever offered me a birthday drink, and wom bam pow! I DID NOT THROW UP! Nor did I wake up the next morning with a hangover, maybe a slight one, but after I showered and had my normal hangover remedy of flank steak and beef ball pho I was back to the right state of mind. I don’t want to test my limits too much because I know that feeling of yackin’ and waking up the next day telling yourself “I’m never doing that again. That’s the last time I do that for a long time!” On top of that you lose a whole day whining about a bangin’ headache, a face full of pimples that wasn’t there the night before, and feeling unpretty, oh and an empty wallet. Trust me tho, I’m not perfect. I’ve had my days of releasing all that nastiness through mouth and butt at the same time. Oh Lord, help me! LOL. Times where I would fall asleep in my car with my hair all out of whack and a missing earring. Times where my friends would have to carry me into my house and in my bed while they laugh and cater to my unruly dryheaving. I wonder if it’s all a mental thing too, like I know I hate yackin’ so I will avoid it as much as I can. I don’t like the act of inducing a suka session by sticking my finger down my throat, yah I rather not. My guy best friend tho is my yackin’ mentor. He will be my coach and make gaggin’ noises to make me yack all while holding my hair and laughing. Love him for that.

Watch, this blog is a JINX! Greeeeeeeeatttttttt! Get the garbage and hair tie ready… it better be from a fuckin’ good ass night from drunk debauchery. And I know it's fun and amusing but please refrain from any photo evidence please! BOTTOMS UP!

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