Vegas vs. Jimmy Choo - UNDEFEATED

This weekend is pretty major for 2 reasons : VEGAS and the release of Jimmy Choo’s collection with H&M. I was kinda torn that I wouldn’t be able to cop any of the pieces from the Jimmy Choo collection, but after weighing in the battle between the 2, I would pick Vegas anyways. My reasons below

(in no particular order of importance)

ROUND 1. A roundtrip plane fare to Vegas cost me a little under 2bills. A Jimmy Choo dress would cost me 2bills (or even more) and a stale dress in my closet because I don’t even know where I would where it to.

ROUND 2. I’d be coming back from the club at 5am. Which beats waking up at 5am to wait in that long ass line of crazy beezys trying to wait for their pieces at an H&M store. Let’s add that I would probably go to the Powell St. store in San Francisco, so my ass would be freezing like an Eskimo at 5am.

ROUND 3. I don’t have many friends that are fashion savvy and/or care and appreciate a Jimmy Choo piece as much as I would. But I do have friends that would be down for a trip to Vegas any day!

ROUND 4. What if I don’t even get what I want from the Jimmy Choo collection then I would be pissed and it would probably ruin my whole day. In Vegas there is never a dull moment.

ROUND 5. Do I want to remember: a) how I was soooo close to getting my hands on that hot jumpsuit until some crazy snooty hoe gets to it first or b) how much drunken debauchery moments I will have while in Vegas – THE HANGOVER movie style (ok maybe that’s a lil’ too much)

ROUND 6. Would I feel guiltier that I wasted my paycheck on ummm maybe 2-3 pieces from the collection or a grand fuckintastic time in Vegas…

ROUND 7. It does kinda suck that I won’t be able to wear a Jimmy Choo piece while in Vegas…that would be grand! Wait, I’m sure Vegas has an H&M Store, so if I really, REALLY, ReAlLy wanted to, then I could be in a Jimmy Choo dress.

ROUND 8. I’d rather suffer from an internal intoxicated liver than being bitch scratched, bruised, pushed around, maybe even some hair pulling, earring pulling, confrontational ass woman fighting over that fringed dress.

There you have it – 8 reasons for why I’d rather be in Vegas instead of fighting for Jimmy Choo. There are probably a few more reasons for this battle I have between Vegas and Jimmy Choo…but my mind has trailed off into daydreaming about what I’m getting myself into this weekend. Basically the whole bay area, or let me be more specific – anyone that is Filipino from the bay area – will be migrating to Sin City in support of our man Pacquiao! Can’t f*in wait! See you there.

I’ll just be playing Chester French’s – Jimmy Choos song while I get ready. That will suffice for missing out on this much anticipated release

P.S. I’d rather wait for that shit to go on sale anyways, if there is something left from the collection in my size, then it was definitely meant for me to have!

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